About Us

About NTL Consulting Group

Information is like water for businesses; they need the right amount, properly filtered, to thrive. IBM Cognos Software delivers the quantity and quality of data necessary to fuel informed decision-making, but only when it’s designed and installed with a focus on your requirements. At NTL, we provide Cognos software, services and support tailored to the needs of our clients.

The NTL Advantage

When you work with NTL, you work with IBM-Certified professionals from start to finish. There’s no sales force making promises that our programmers can’t fulfill; only trained, experienced solutions architects who work to understand your needs and deliver systems that meet them. Our structure helps us to deliver the right solution for you at a cost that others can’t match.

If You Don’t Have Cognos…

You need it. From mid-sized businesses seeking accelerated growth to industry leaders looking to distance themselves from their competitors, Cognos delivers the information necessary to understand past performance and the tools needed to set and achieve future targets. And NTL delivers the experience necessary to make Cognos work for you. We’re certified on Cognos Platform, the full suite of Cognos Business Intelligence, Cognos Express for mid-sized businesses and Cognos TM1enterprise planning software. Our status as an IBM Advance Partner shows that we are committed to providing the optimum Cognos experience for our customers.

If You Have Cognos…

You need to get the most out of it. The time and effort you invest in analyzing performance and setting targets has to pay dividends for your business. We offer optimization services that improve the performance of your current system and training sessions that will empower your staff to manage Cognos more effectively. Our IBM-accredited team also builds programmable custom reports that deliver information your decision-makers need to lead with confidence. If you’re not getting the results that you need from your existing Cognos system, contact us to learn more about how we can help.