Cognos Charts NTL Consulting Group

IBM Cognos Implementation

Whether you buy your Cognos software from NTL or another vendor, you will need some help to make it run effectively. Our IBM Certified professionals integrate Cognos effectively with your existing programs to make sure the system delivers the information that you need.

Cognos Optimization

Some Cognos users find themselves wanting more once their system is up and running. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to maximizing the benefit that the software delivers, and NTL brings a wealth of Cognos expertise gained from work done on a variety engagements. If you’re feeling like the software isn’t delivering the kind of results you expected, let us review your system and see how we can improve it.

Cognos Software Training

IBM Cognos software can deliver valuable intelligence about how your business is running and where operations can be improved. But businesses that utilize this system often face a difficult balancing act—how much should be invested in training staff to use the software v. how much should be spent on outside expertise.

NTL Consulting offers the best of both worlds. Our IBM Certified professionals can work with you to determine what knowledge your staff needs to maintain day-to-day operations and what expert customization can be built into your system to make it more effective. When you engage NTL to train your staff, we help your team understand and take full advantage of the customized Cognos system that was built to support your business.

Custom Report Development

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of Cognos Business Intelligence software is the ability to create customized reports that deliver information that your decision-makers need in a format that they can easily comprehend. Customizing Cognos reporting functions requires considerable training and experience. That’s why it doesn’t make sense for businesses to train employees to create the customized reports. Why invest thousands of dollars and months of staff hours to train people to create the one or two custom reports that your business needs to take full advantage of Cognos?

NTL Consulting has professionals who can do the heavy lifting of creating a report for you, then train your staff to run the report as needed. We train constantly to maintain our certifications with IBM, and we’ve created reports for a wide range of different businesses. If you engage us to create your customized reports, you’ll get the most for your development dollars.